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Wesley Gardner - ebooki

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Wesley Gardner is a freelance illustrator and artist. Some notable clients include Cubicle 7, Adidas, Monte Cook Games, Guildhouse Games LLC, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Black + Cameron, and BAM! Box. Wesley’s work has been featured in various intellectual properties such as Warhammer 40k, Mad Max, League of Legends, Old Gods of Appalachia, Varia, plus more that are currently in development.
Wesley is open to freelance/contractor opportunities in the board game, card game, motion picture, and video game fields. When he is not taking on professional client work, he can be found creating tutorials and teaching resources covering art techniques, with topics ranging from color theory and composition, creating custom brush packs, and getting traditional looks for digital paintings.
Wesley is proficient in the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem, alongside a large number of PC-based digital painting and photo manipulation software. This includes being given the title “Featured Artist” for Escape Motions and their Rebelle 5 product in 2022, as well as being given an “FXPose” feature in Issue #190 of ImagineFX Magazine. He also has experience and is comfortable with art integration workflows in various 3D and game development engines, such as Blender, Unity, and Unreal.
He is also well-versed in a variety of production styles, including photobashing, 3D rendering, keyframe art creation, or traditional painting (essentially, whatever serves the purpose of the project!).

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