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Max Fatouretchi - ebooki

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Max Fatouretchi's CRM journey began some 20 years ago as he started his small software business in Vienna, Austria, developing custom CRM applications for clients in Austria. Some 7 years, later he joined Microsoft's international team as a partner technology specialist and industry manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 products for the next 13 years.

Throughout these 20 years, he has been engaged in many CRM implementations across the globe. The first one was with his own software company in Vienna, where he developed a CRM system for several banking clients in collaboration with HP (Hewlett Packard). At the same time, he fulfilled a role as a mentor and trainer, teaching CRM classes across Europe. After joining Microsoft, he started working with Microsoft teams across Europe the, Middle East, Africa, the Asia, Pacific, China, and Latin America to develop and deliver CRM projects to enterprise customers. As a lead architect and industry manager with Microsoft, he has participated in many CRM implementations with some 100+ multinational companies, mostly in the financial services industry.

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