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Dennis Vroegop - ebooki

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Dennis Vroegop is a managing director at Interknowlogy Europe, a software architect, a speaker, and ten-time winner of the Microsoft MVP Award (C#, Surface, Hardware Interaction Design and Development, Kinect for Windows, and Emerging Experiences). He is a designer and developer of new ways to interact with people using multi-touch systems and camera-based solutions. Dennis feels most comfortable when leading teams to a better way of working. Software development teams on the Microsoft platform, including but not limited to stakeholders, product owners, product managers, developers, and customers, benefit from his knowledge of good teamwork, quality assurance, and professional software development. He has been developing software since the early 80s, starting out on the Commodore 64. He taught himself to program the games that his friends ended up playing. He writes software in a large number of languages and environments. After graduating in the field of computer science from Amsterdam, Dennis started to work as a developer, but quickly took over the role of a lead R&D engineer. After a couple of years, he started his own company, seeing how most developers back then were not treated the way he wanted them to be treated. By always mixing his technical skills with his management style, he quickly became someone with whom people actually wanted to work. In 2007, Dennis started to get into the world of Natural User Interfaces, driven by his passion to provide everyone with access to information. His goal is to enable everyone, regardless of income, capabilities, social background, and so on, to be able to get in touch with computers. This led to the formation of Interknowlogy Europe, a company that aims at getting great and easy-to-use software using technologies such as HoloLens into the world. Dennis is the coauthor of the LinkedIn Learning video, Developing for Microsoft HoloLens. He is also a proficient professional speaker at smaller and large events. He is the chairman of the largest Dutch .NET usergroup--dotNed.

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