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Paul Sokol - ebooki

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Paul Sokol is an electrical engineer by trade and the Campaign Builder Mad Scientist at Infusionsofta moniker earned due to his breadth of knowledge. His first experience with Infusionsoft was when he cofounded jiveSYSTEMSa business-class video e-mail platformin 2008 while obtaining his master's degree in signal processing from the University of Central Florida. The company still exists today and is successfully running very efficiently thanks to the automation capabilities of Infusionsoft. Since joining Infusionsoft formally as an employee in June 2011, he has provided over 1,000 hours of small business consulting and helped launch more than 200 clients with Infusionsoft. He has authored numerous blog posts, been a guest on many webinars, and taught from stage at live events, such as Infusionsoft's annual ICON. Currently, he works in the product development department as one of the first data scientists of the company. Besides being a universally recognized trailblazer in automated experience design, he is also a generous philanthropist, talented musician, and respected heavy metal advocate. His purpose is to believe in the dreams of others and empower their greatest possibilities. His mission is to have a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world via love, sharing, and contribution to others. Originally a Florida native, Paul currently lives in Chandler, Arizona, with his two cats Beebo and Winston. When he isn't working or running his charity Keep Children Rockin, he can be found drumming in the local black metal band Elivagar and being part of the growing Arizona heavy metal scene. To become part of Paul's Inner Circle, join his "Under the Hair" newsletter at http://www.iscookbook.com/newsletter.

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